Frigedæg Fallout

—–“Clozapine and amitriptyline are the best I have aboard, Jabi,” Avesta said to Jabari through her headset as she exited the airlock.
—–“I told you not to call me that, chief. Those will have to do, old drugs, but they will have to do.” Jabari said. “I’ll meet you in the cargo hold.”
—–Avesta made her way down the narrow metal corridor and stopped in front of the cargo hold door. A small rectangle window let Avesta see into the room beyond where she saw Sag slumped over his knees with his back against the container which held Sag prisoner still. “Sachi Apollo Gandhara, you poor sick bastard,” Avesta said under her breath. She opened the cargo bay door, and with a hiss, the door quickly disappeared upwards.
—–Avesta entered cautiously and didn’t say anything; she waited to see if Sag noticed her. It was when she stopped a few feet from Sag, still slumped over, that she saw the blood on his fingertips. The palms of his hands were pressed against the sides of his head, covering his ears.
——“Sachi?” Avesta said in a voice barely above a whisper. He didn’t respond to her, and she said again louder, “Sag, it’s me, Avesta. I have something for you.” She removed the small device from her right arm pocket below the EVA suit she still wore and took a step towards Sag.
—–It was when Avesta took that step closer that Sag slowly raised his head to look towards Avesta. Keeping bloodied hands covering his ears, he said in a hoarse voice, “Avesta, is that you?”
—–Empty eye sockets stared back at Avesta. Without those familiar green eyes staring back at her, Sag looked nothing like she remembered him. Black dried blood covered his cheeks, and where Sag’s eyes used to be, emptiness regarded her. Sag asked again, “Avesta, are you there, something’s wrong, I can’t see you? Avesta?”


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