Tiwesdæg Campaign

As he cleared the top stair to the deck his empty eye sockets instinctively scanned the horizon. The deck was empty, as usual, his ship was his ship, crewless besides the winds ruffling the sails. His gaze stopped. Within the mists of the late ocean air, there was a silhouette forming in the distance. He didn’t move, merely tilted his head as the shape became clearer. Sails began to develop, and the mists cleared enough to see the shadowy outline of a two-masted ship. The solidity of the wood was wrong, it was too thin. It was then that the Captain noticed he could see the boat coming towards him well enough and it was close enough to see through the hull of the ship to the mists behind it. The full moon began rising above the horizon behind the boat, and the translucency of the ghostly apparition played tricks on his vision as it continued to move quickly towards him and his own ship.



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