Sæterdæg Delvings

His thoughts flashed back to the present as the crunch of snow signaled footfalls nearby, they sounded far off still. ‘No, not far away,’ he thought, ‘…small.’ A feminine face came slowly out of the shadows of the trees, the opposite side of the fire. Dival already had his rapier’s hilt wrapped neatly in his palm, blade down behind him, ready to lash out. Her eyes held a wild look he could tell even from across the fire, but her demeanor and features were calm and non-threatening. He furrowed his brow to her as she continued forward. Her skin was a light pink, and she was young from the looks of her features. She wore a plain cotton top and leather breeches with boots to match. “That is plenty close,” Dival warned her. She nodded to him and sat continuing to look at him through the flames and smoke of the fire.

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