Middling Woden’s Day

Her father looked at her. He pulled a dark visor over his eyes and handed her one to wear, too. As the buggy began to move forward, he replied, “WE are not going anywhere. You are going to the camp below the elevator while your dad goes to visit the island for another one of his ‘experiments’ as you like to call them.” The buggy roared forward to full speed as she put on her own shaded visor to save her eyes from the bright sun. Annwe watched the dunes dizzyingly fly by, and it almost made her sick before she remembered to focus on the horizon to keep her stomach in.
Through the clouds above, Annwe could make out the bottom of the floating city Egostrian. In the distance, a shapeless chunk of debris fell and landed hard into the ground. It was common for trash to rain down into the desert. It seemed the city hovered above the entirety of the desert at times. It was why Amorine didn’t extend out beneath Egostrian. The danger of discarded rubbish from the clouds was too common and unexpected to live below the city. Annwe grit her teeth, disgusted by the crunching of salty sand. She hated the taste. Annwe looked to her father and followed his gaze forward to their destination: a thin, dark, metallic elevator that extended through the clouds above.

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