Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

Three waved away Ennu’s concern with a motion of his hand. Three’s features were still shrouded in darkness. The sight unnerved Ennu now that it wasn’t nighttime in the middle of a storm. Three made his way across the room next to Ennu and turned his gaze out over the harbor. Three’s thin weathered digits moved as if the air around his fingers had become viscous, slow yet purposeful. When they reached his cloak’s hood, Three pulled it away from his face. Ennu studied the old man’s thin, curly, white beard that completely covered his lower features. Deep eye sockets were sunk into his skull to such an extreme that it seemed unhealthy to Ennu. Leathery skin stretched taut over a bald and tanned scalp. ‘Fearsome looking he is,’ Ennu thought. “Would you… like me to leave?” Ennu asked slowly after an extended period of silence.

Three didn’t shift his gaze, but long thin fingers curled down, and he brought his thumb to his forehead and brought it down to touch the top of his other thumb down near his chest.

Ennu watched him for a moment before Three turned to make eye contact with those dark shadowed eyes studying him. Three repeated the gesture and added after touching his thumbs together with the same sign he had given him the night before, a tracing of both his index fingers around his neck to stop in the middle of his chest. A voice as weathered as the skin that stretched over his bones and as dark as the inset eye sockets accompanied the gestures, “Remember the necklace?”

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