Frigedæg Fallout

Cerene took the large, thick bandage and pressed it down on the wound and wrapped the now bloodied bandage around Tham’s head again. It wasn’t pretty, but it seemed that the bleeding had slowed enough for her to look at his other wound. The bleeding was slower out of his abdomen, but she thought that might be because the knife was still inside him. She didn’t know what to do, this is not something that she had ever been taught to fix. Just basic first aid and tinctures that Tham had been showing her. Cerene tried to calm her self with a deep breath and attempted to roll Tham over just enough to free the blade, her small frame struggling to move the larger man, but she was able to grab the knife hilt and slowly remove it from Thams’ belly. Blood indeed did begin coming faster out of the wound, but still not as fast as the head wound. That was when Cerene heard the scream.

Cerene looked up towards the doorway, knife still in hand and holding Tham on his side, she saw a woman standing there holding her mouth and screaming again. ‘You must be Jesine, the one Tham told me about,’ Cerene found herself thinking. Cerene’s heart then sunk deep into her belly and she waved her hands towards Jesine realizing that she still had the bloodied knife in her hand.

“What have you done?! Oh, gods, what have you done?!” Jesine screamed again, but this time for help, and ran quickly out of sight.

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