Sæterdæg Delvings

“Oh?” Siberi said curiosity peaked.

Iniquu smiled, “Stand back near the tree line.“ Siberi did as he asked and Iniquu drew his rapier from the sheath at his side. Bringing the blade tip across the horizon Iniquu began a hushed toned incantation that Siberi couldn’t make out. She knew she wasn’t supposed to hear the form of the words and she already knew that even if she could hear them, she wouldn’t be able to understand them. Iniquu stopped when the blade of his sword pointed towards the moon and he raised the blade in an upward motion and then sliced downwards as if he was slicing Behenian in two. Iniquu then drove the point of the sword into the ground. In a slow, but fluid motion and continuing his hushed incantation, Iniquu carved in the rock at his feet what looked to Siberi as a familiar shape. She smiled when she realized it was the eternal symbol used to identify their existence. A soft glow trailed the blade’s pattern and when Iniquu completed the figure-eight shape the light grew brighter as Iniquu raised his sword and re-sheathed it. He stepped back and continued the end of the foreign tongues he was speaking as he brought his hands in front of his chest with one palm down and the other up with a space in the middle at chest level. A sphere of light formed in between his hands that resembled the same white-blue light of their parent star, Vega. As quickly as it was there, it was leaving his hands and came to rest slowly on the symbol he had driven across the stone on the cliffside.

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