Monandæg Snippets

—–The hangar’s alarms sounded through the shipyard.
“Shit,” Jabari stood, knowing precisely who those alarms were for, “Time to go, J.”
Jason grunted, “I just got the Tourbillion in. It’s not ready, I just barely got the thing up and running. We’re not ready for… wait, what about the others, and go where?” Jason replied.
—–Jabari was already out of the engine room before Jason could finish. Sweat began to bead his forehead. “Stupid! Stupid! This is so stupid!” Jabari landed hard in the pilot seat of their half put together ship. Slamming the headset on his head, he began the start-up sequence to start undocking. He waited for communications to come online and connected to a private channel, “Avesta?! Avesta! What’s happening?!” Silence answered his call, he slammed his fists into the arms of the pilot’s chair, “Chikushō!” Jabari changed the channel to the primary Luna contact for departure, “Luna, Kamotsusen requesting immediate emergency departure.”
—–It was a long few moments before the channel responded, it was the same woman that approved their landing near a week ago now. “Departure denied. Luna is in emergency protocol and is in current lockdown.”
—–Jabari breathed, not completely surprised, “Luna, this is an emergency request! Our drive is going critical and will flatten this hangar if I can’t get our ship out of here!” For added effect, Jabari began to lightly tug on the mechanical arms of the shipyard that held their ship, Kamotsusen, docked.
—–“Kamotsusen! I repeat you are not cleared for departure! Cease your ships’ movements and shut your drive down!” The woman ordered.
—–“I told you we’re in meltdown! Now, if you want more people to die in this damnable hangar, then already have from the last mishap, then keep these doors closed and the tethers on. If I can get this ship out of here, I can evacuate after I get it to a safe distance!” Jabari played his hand; if they didn’t buy his bluff, he had nothing else. His worry began to rise, noticing the echoing alarms throughout the shipyard had stopped. ‘Why had they stopped?’ His fear began to grow at the thought of them having caught Avesta. It was an agonizing few moments before the tethers hissed as they released his ship.
—–“You will report back to the main office when you return. Now go!” The officer over the channel demanded.
—–“Arigatō,” Jabari replied before changing the channel to the engine room. “Jason, I need propulsion, what can you give me?”
—–“You know, I didn’t sign up for a pleasure cruise,” Jason replied nonchalantly in his consistently deep and melodic tones.

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